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Why builders, architects, and homeowners should see Passive House Revolution

Passive House takes you on a journey through the most important development in building design, construction and retrofitting in a generation. For 20 years the Passive House standard has been quietly spreading across Europe, applied both to residential and commercial buildings.

Now, leading-edge architects and builders are bringing this standard to the United States and Canada in order to realize the benefits of creating buildings that use 80 percent less heating and cooling energy–a reduction far greater than any other available construction standard can deliver. Lifecycle costs of a passive house building are less than any other “green” method of construction. Owners recapture their initial extra outlay relatively early in the life of the building.

We can make enormous cuts in energy consumption and CO2 emissions by using Passive House for all structures.

In Passive House Revolution you’ll see builders in action as they construct some of the first passive house buildings in North America. You’ll meet Wolfgang Feist, the creator of the Passive House standard, and Katrin Klingenberg, who brought passive house to the United States from Germany. You’ll visit homes as they are being retrofitted to this standard. You’ll hear architects and builders discuss their reasons for developing these buildings. And, you’ll listen to satisfied owners as they describe life in homes that don’t require a furnace and yet remain comfortable year round even in cold climates.

Whether or not you ultimately choose to employ the passive house standard in any of your projects, you need to know about this important trend which is revolutionizing the way we think about buildings and energy.

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Why climate change and other environmental activists should see Passive House Revolution

Every activist concerned about climate change and other effects of excessive energy consumption should know about the emerging passive house revolution. The Passive House standard already meets the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 80 percent; the goal climate scientists say we need to reach by 2050.

There is no need to wait for technology to improve. The technology we need to build and retrofit structures that safeguard the climate is here–right now–in the form of the Passive House standard. The more people who know about passive house, the more we can spread its adoption as an effective part of an overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

Energy Consumption Chart
48 percent of the energy used and CO2 generated in the U.S. is from the construction and operation (primarily heating and cooling) of buildings.

Buildings use almost 50 percent of all the energy consumed in North America today. Dramatically reducing building heating and cooling energy needs will address climate change in a way that few other strategies can. Watch Passive House Revolution to find out more about how that revolution can come to your community and communities around the globe.

Thermal image of heat lost from a Passive House next to a conventional building
The dark colors show how little heat is escaping from the Passive House on the right, compared to the traditional building on the left.